It is no secret that Dublin is one of the European capitals of the party. The Dubliners love to go out and for that, every excuse is good, and for anyone who travels backpacking this is a plus. Taking pride in the local culture is one of the maxims of this type of travelers, who can not fail to pass through any city that organizes a good festival. And that is undoubtedly Dublin, where there are almost always some. The mythical one is the one that commemorates the day of San Patricio – this year you are already late, was from the 16 to the 19 of March.

The streets of the city are dyed green to accommodate dances, street theater, children’s activities and, of course, beer. But in June, for six days, the city recalls the footsteps of James Joyce’s Ulysses during the Bloomsday Festival, with walking tours, talks, pub routes to tour the adventures of the character of the Irish writer. The hostels are always full of people with whom you can target the one you have touched or with whom you can go to visit the castles, museums or walk in the center. Also, the entrance to almost everything is free. What better reason to attract backpackers?

Founded by the Vikings at the beginning of the 9th century, the Irish capital has been the scene of wars and conflicts until it came to defining its own identity in the 20th century. Thanks to its past, Dublin is today a modern capital and rich in history able to captivate its visitors with the mixture of the most ingrained Gaelic traditions and a constant adaptation to the modern world.

Thanks to the bustling city center and green surroundings, Dublin is able to attract all kinds of tourists, both nature lovers and the declared urbanites.

Dublin is literature, the birthplace and inspiration of great writers such as James Joyce, Oscar Wilde, Samuel Beckett, or Bram Stoker, who reflect in their works their vision of the city in which they lived.

Although the city does not stand out for its great monuments or its precious museums, it is a place to get lost in its green gardens and enjoy pleasant evenings tasting a Guinness beer in any of the hundreds of traditional taverns and pubs.