The bohemian appeal and fairytale details of Prague make it a perfect destination for tourists who want to immerse themselves in culture. You could spend a whole day exploring Prazsky hrad (Prague castle), then recharge your energy with a good dinner in a classic Czech tavern. You can spend some time touring the square of the old part before going to know the old Municipality and the Astronomical Clock. The best bars in Prague are located in the cellars, where historical pubs offer the setting for a traditional night of drinks.

Before traveling to Prague it is normal to have many doubts: what is the official currency? Can I develop without knowing English? Do they use the same type of plug as in my country?

It has a privileged location in central Europe and is well connected with neighboring countries, making it one of the most visited destinations on the continent.

Prague is made up of the union of five ancient cities and is bathed by the waters of the Vltava River. Traditionally it has been the political, cultural and economic center of the Czech Republic.

The historical core of the city consists of six parts that were long independent cities.

Staré Město

All the roads lead here. Also all crowds lead here. Lots of people gather here. Advertisers, psychos, performers, attention seekers.
You can go up the astronomical clock tower and jostle for photos from the top balcony.

During the XI century the inhabitants of the Castle District began to expand east of the Vltava River creating the Old Town (Staré Město). The squares, houses and churches of the Old City are the most medieval part of Prague and in its streets a large part of “the Hundred Towers” are concentrated.

The Old Town Square marks the center of the district 1.

Malá Strana

Malá Strana is one of the oldest parts of the city. It is located at the foot of Prague Castle and attracts a large number of interesting sights.

Malá Strana (Small Town) is one of the oldest and most historic districts of Prague. It was founded in 1257 at the foot of Hradčany, the Castle District, separated from Staré Město by the Charles Bridge.

The greatest attraction of Malá Strana is its magnificent state of preservation, the war passed without a trace and the palaces and old houses have remained unchanged for centuries.


Vyšehrad is one of the six independent cities that gave birth to Prague. It is one of the areas less known and visited by tourists.

Vyšehrad is one of the original cities of Prague. During the second half of the 11th century and in the first half of the 12th century the castle was occupied by the premislite princes. Its name in Castilian means “Castle in the heights”.

According to the ancient legend, Vyšehrad was the first seat of the Czech princes and the legendary princess Libusa. Research shows that the fortification was built in the early 10th century, after the Prague Castle.