Take advantage of the holidays to discover new places and agenda El Bolson in Patagonia among the must-sees of the south. Worth a visit!

In the southwest of the province of Río Negro whose main tourist attractions are Las Grutas and San Carlos de Bariloche, El Bolsón is located, a locality known for its extensive coniferous forests, lakes and rivers.


It is located exactly in a valley at the foot of the Andes, 120 kilometers from Bariloche. Extreme temperatures can reach -11ºC as a minimum and 37ºC as absolute maximum, although generally its climate is moderate and cool. Its population is mainly engaged in rural production, handicrafts, art in general (music, literature, sculpture) and occupations linked to the environment.

It has its own airport for regional short-haul flights and small aircraft, which can be easily reached by plane. For holidays, campsites, farms, cabins and farms are offered where you can stay with your friends, family or couple to spend a few quiet days in this beautiful landscape.

A curious fact is that during the 60’s many young people moved to this site to form communities, which is why it is associated with the hippie movement that is still visible today in the unstructured way of life of its inhabitants.


Tourist attractions of the Bolsón

1. Mountain Piltriquitrón

Located in the Cordillera de los Andes, it is surrounded by native forests and its peculiar name means “hill hung from the nines” possibly because its cusp is located 2,260 meters above sea level.

2. Indian Head

It consists of a natural rock formation that resembles the head of an Indian and offers a circuit to travel by car, bicycle, horse or even walking because of its low difficulty to transit. You will find a viewpoint when you access the crest of the Middle Loma, from where you will appreciate the spectacular view.

3. Mountain Shelters

They are fantastic virgin sites that are accessed through paths covered with leaves that go deep into the forests through signs that guide the tourist. You can choose between different natural refuges to rest and take advantage of the panoramas, such as Refugio Hielo Azul, Motoco Refuge, El Retamal Refuge or Cerro Lindo Refuge, among others.

4. Road to Nogales – Nahuelpan

As its name indicates, it is bordered by walnut trees that provide shade for those who walk through the area of ​​the oldest farm in the area where extensive plantations are observed. When leaving the trail, there is a community with Mapuche origin.

5. The Carved Forest

A huge fire in the forest caused 31 artists to carve 31 sculptures on the burnt logs to give life to the destroyed site, which is now a cultural center of great national importance. It is a unique place in the world because of its characteristics and history and one of the most visited by tourists that transit the area.

6. The Hidden Waterfall

It is accessed by a path that enters a forest of willows and coihues, culminating in a green site where water falls on stone formations. It is possible to cool off at the base and the waterfall is appropriate for taking pictures from different angles, due to its visual richness.


• Beers.

• Homemade sweets and chocolates.

• Handicraft Fair, one of the best known in Argentina.

• Trekking.

• Center with tea houses, restaurants and shops.

• Lago Puelo National Park 18 kilometers from El Bolson.

• Mountain Friend.