What good is having the latest smartphone model if you run out of battery? We told you how to avoid this and other problems when traveling.


The smartphone has become an essential tool in everyday life and, during travel, smartphone attachment is especially accentuated. Beyond the applications to use in the destinations, here are some ideas to get the most out of your next trip.

1. When planning, activate alerts. To get good prices you have to be fast, so if you activate the notifications in the apps (for flight reservations and hotels, for example) you will discover before the vast majority the most interesting offers and you will save on the purchase. This strategy is especially interesting if you are looking for your trips in holiday season, when the demand is higher and the prices more expensive.

2. Make backup copies. Losing any of your travel documents (passport, boarding passes or hotel reservations or other service that you have contracted before) can become a nightmare. For this reason, the most sensible thing is to choose to make backup copies of all the necessary documents.

3. Attention with batteries. What is the use of having the latest model of cell phone if you run out of battery? Before leaving, be sure to grab a pair of boots: one to carry it always on top and one to leave in the hotel. In this way, if you lose one, you can count on the other. Taking into account that there are five types of plugs worldwide, the smart thing is to buy a universal charger.

It can also be useful to carry a portable battery, a simple and inexpensive supplement that will get you out of more of a hurry.

4. Use Wi-Fi networks with care. Finding public spaces with open Wi-Fi is often one of the main goals of any tourist, especially when traveling abroad. However, cybersecurity agencies recommend taking care of this type of connections and avoid exchanging sensitive information to minimize risks.

5. The smartphone also serves to … call. Although it sounds funny, it’s okay to sometimes remember that the original function of a mobile phone was to make calls. In this sense, it is advisable to have as many contacts as possible, especially those that can be useful in case of need.

It is convenient to memorize the emergency numbers of the country to which you are traveling in the device’s address book and assign them a speed dial key, which facilitates connection in risk situations.

Experts also suggest activating on the lock screen the number of the person to be contacted in case of an emergency.