I started when the menstrual cup was not so famous, when few knew about it, when it was still more taboo, now I write this post for those who have not decided and for those who want to travel with her.

Or for those who are curious and without shame that you want to know a first-person experience 😀

In these years of travel I have also used tampons and towels, when I have passed from one menstrual cup to another or when the surprise period arrives and I do not have time to clean it and do all that I have to do. And when I put on the cup I always say

I will not tell you everything is rosy, nor am I happy when the period comes to me!

Because I suffer, I suffer a lot, but I do! My life got better with the menstrual cup.

Here among us, the point is that when the time comes, I just want to cry, I do not have the strength to do anything, I want to lie down and mourn the misfortune of being a woman. (I hope someday I will come to a python that improves my relationship with the red moon, and make me a full woman.) Well this bad lasts a day or maybe a few hours later I get brave and start with …

The menstrual cup mission

It was a friend who told me about her

Since 2010 I use the menstrual cup, and to see what life is like, it was a friend who talked to me about it for the first time and said:

“You have to try it! It is the best!

And convinced me !. Well at first you may think it’s a little weird, but you’ll get used to it and see that it’s less dirty than a tampon or a towel.

How was the first time with the menstrual cup?

The first time I had many problems, it is something new and you do not know that it is full of tricks that only with the practice you can learn, but I will give you some tips to make it easier and I will tell you the martyrdom that was MY FIRST TIME.

f you have not tried it, I hope you do not get scared anymore, the idea is to try it so read until the end, you will see that you will not regret it! Even nerves give me just to remember … At that time it was difficult to get them, but I had a couple of friends who sold them then I encouraged to try. I was anxious that the period would come to me (later I would be suffering).

I followed the instructions that came with the cup:

After boiling it and all that process that is so easy, comes the introduction of the menstrual cup.

There are several ways to fold it. Which one to use? you try to get her in and …

it’s very big it does not fit me

If it fits and it is not so great! ….

Then you get to enter it but it is very outside, it has to check that it opens inside …

How do I know if it has already opened?

Pop! sometimes you feel a tap, it opens, it also takes the round shape, I have my hand down there, digging a little, and I’m not accustomed to touch me, well … breathe deeply … and learn to do it and to know you.

Now you have to remove it, the stick that is left below is very long, you have to cut it.

And the first time you should cut it to your size until you do not feel it and cut it until it is comfortable, because if it sticks out a lot it bothers. Then I try to walk and I feel that the stick pricks me … it’s time to take it out so I can cut the stick! I try to pull the toothpick and it seems stuck, the instructions says to put the finger on the side to release the seal (she attaches to the vaginal walls) but I feel that I do not reach, then halo, and I feel like I’m going to get all my guts out there, I want to cry! Could it be that I lost the money? Did I lose the illusion? Do I have to go get it? I read the instructions over and over, how to clean, how to enter, and then HOW TO EXTRACT?

Everything improved when I learned the tricks to get it out …

You must make force.


How do you force yourself? I’ve never made force with the vagina beyond what I do to urinate.

As you push is a workout, try to do the exercise, contract the muscles as pulling in, now you have otherwise tighten the abdominal muscles and puja! that’s! The moonlight comes out when you have legs open and bids, then it is time to grab it by the stick, bend the base, and pull it, yes, feel a little pressure, a strange feeling that you are not used to but you’ll get used to it.



What can be more important than health when selecting something that you use every month for at least 30 years of your life.


This is something that convinces me a lot. Do you know how clean it is a tampon or a towel, if other people have touched it, if it has been dirty or not ?. Because it is covered in plastic, after plastic. That gives me more mistrust. Besides, what do I do with all that plastic? What do I do with that after using it? Where are you going?

The menstrual cup you cleaned! It is made of medical silicone (the best cup), and its cleaning is up to you! So if you want it to be impeccable it will be, but I also know people who tell me that every time they take care of it less and nothing has happened to them. But the important thing is that the hygiene of the menstrual cup is in your hands and not in the hands of a stranger


Hygienic towels have chemicals harmful to health that are absorbed and end up inside our body:


Bleach that is carcinogenic, is used to make it look white and clean so it “looks hygienic”.


Chemistry used to make us bleed more and we have to use more towels and tampons.


Do not feel

Once you have your menstrual cup on, do not feel it! You can even forget that you have it on.


It also has twice the capacity of a tampon or towel, so you will not have problems spills. Forget about telling your friends, look to see if I spot, or looking for mirrors to see if you have marks. That does not happen anymore! Imagine walking worried about spots in the middle of a trip … noooo!


You can sleep, stand upside down, run, bike, EVERYTHING you can think of, and even swim!

Swim with the menstrual cup or moon glass

I have been around for 7 years with the menstrual cup and I have had very different stages, stages in which it has been filled and overflowed in 2 hours, (not normal), stages in which I hardly see a huntadito, stages in which it is little and much, in which it changes color. And that I love, to see how your menstruation, its texture, its quantity, its color, its smell, it is to monitor your health and to know how you are. It’s more like some glasses come with meter so you can know how much you measure. And this is what allows you to know how well you are in health! It is a wonder. In a towel this is impossible.

At this moment there is always a day that is watered a little, is not much a simple wilt for which I should only use a protector. That day I do not go to the sea, just like that day I stay in bed, tired, sad and depressed. I hope the menstrual cup regulates the hormones but the life of a woman is like that.

What advantage does the menstrual cup have over other methods when you go swimming?

And in front of the tampon, you can even get naked and you can not see anything !!! I remember once I got the tampon and the little rope was hanging on the side of the bathing dress !!! Horrible!!! I hope nobody has seen it !!! And if you naked you have that little rope hanging … nooo … while with the cup there is nothing left out.


Once you introduce the menstrual cup, you have to take it out every 8 hours, it can be a little less or a little more, then you do.

-You wash your hands super well with soap, nails super clean. Let’s pretend you’re traveling. Changing it in a public restroom can be a bit difficult but we will achieve everything in order not to have a super towel between the legs or a destructive tampon.

You can crouch like you’re going to pee, (I do not sit in public toilets) and pujas! Bid! bid! so very good! then, after you bid, the cup will pop up! take it by the ass, the stick that looms and you pull a little. (if you do not do this, lift the lid and stand on the toilet, you crouch and bid again)

-Take the base between the thumb and index and crush the base then continue pulling the cup, (trust in God, you will not leave anything else, only the cup will come out). You must take it super firm so that the cup does not fall to the toilet or to the floor.

How to save it?

with us many people who simply throw it out there, in the toilet bag or in a pocket, the recommendation is always to keep it in the bag that brings that being cloth allows it to be kept dry and no mushrooms are created. I still do not want the bag to get dirty, so I put it in another box.

SUMMARY: Why the drink is the best alternative to travel?


We are not traveling to be uncomfortable, looking at what clothes to wear, so that we do not notice the towel or in case we stain. But to see the landscape and to forget the problems.


We do not want to get sick and we want to take care of our body as the temple that it is.


We will stop using more than 15,000 hygiene pads and tampons that would reach the sea if we did not use the menstrual cup. Do not dry the vagina like tampons.


With proper care the moon can last for 10 years! if washing well taking care as it should can last a long time, so forget that investing in towels will save in the long run for a great trip. Or to eat at a good restaurant during the trip.

Frequent questions

Can you use it as a virgin? Yes, in all the glasses I’ve seen the instructions say yes. Although I read could affect the hymen a little.

Can you urinate with her? YES, The urine leaves through another hole located next to the vagina where the cup is placed. The cup does not interfere with anything.

Can you have relationships with her? DO NOT

Can you sleep, exercise with her or yoga? YES