Is it possible to contemplate an impressive sunset on a white sandy beach from the terrace of a boutique hotel? Yes, of course you can. But is it possible to do so while you taste an exquisite local Chardonnay and, not one, but two whales cross the horizon and dive in the water letting see its tail? That is more complicated, but not impossible, or at least not in Cape Town, one of the most versatile cities in the world, where they have space from the most gourmet connoisseur

Architecture and Design: walking through the center of the city, (known as City Bowl) is to be finding a patchwork of an architectural legacy formidable, art-deco buildings, a financial center that with its skyscrapers transports us to the very New York. For some reason the producers of the film ‘The Lord of War’ with Nicolas Cage chose Cape Town as a location to shoot scenes that were in fact set in the Big Apple.

The urban landscape change radically along the mythical Long Street, where they converge Victorian buildings, facades colorful restaurants and bars, hotels ultra-chic where design is taken to the extreme. And to make the mixture even more varied, we found several mosques, as nor. et Hamedia and Palm Tree (Islam is strongly rooted in Cape Town, in 10 per cent of the population).

As a climax, we should not forget a building of great symbolism, the City Hall where Mandela went to the nation after his release in February 1990, after 28 years in prison, and later in 1994, when his party, the legendary ANC, won the elections and Mandela became Or in the first democratically elected president of the Rainbow Nation.

 Strong emotions: In the population of Gaansbai, to an hour and a half to the east of Cape Town is possible not only to see sharks, but bathing with them… that yes, an iron cage protects the daring of turn of these predators that can measure up to three meters long. Sharks are attracted to a cage where up to four people share a place to live the unique experience of seeing these animals face to face. They say that Brad Pitt or Matt Damon were here.

Explore the Vineyards: The culture of wine (of good wine) is deeply rooted in Cape Town. Almost any restaurant offers a careful wine list with a profuse description of each one of them. The waiters are always well informed and do not skimp on offering the customer try this or that wine until he is fully satisfied with his choice.

A Beach with Penguins in full Summer? Another sample of the overwhelming nature of the area, it is the beach of the Boulders it lodges a colony of 3.000 African penguins. There are so many people that you even can bathe with them in the color waters turquoise, any time you resist the intense smell that they detach and are careful of that some of them does not give you a peck.