Barcelona has to be lived. Multicultural, artistic, modern, always with color and always at the forefront. Its condition of door to the Mediterranean Europe underlines its value cosmopolitan, city that lives day and night and is immersed in an unstoppable activity during all seasons of the year.

Stepping on the streets of Barcelona becomes a real walk through history, art and design. We can start in the emblematic area of modernism, the Example, passing through the bustling Gràcia district and ending up landing in the Gothic quarter. We can also visit museums like Dalí ‘s, or the Picasso but the characteristic of the city is that it is practically a museum in the air, Dismembered, with his works of art spread throughout the city. The culprit? Gaudí. This is how we find Casa Batlló, Park Güell or, of course, the unfinished Sagrada Familia.

One of the best ways to get to know Barcelona is by bike; It is considered one of the best cities for the two wheels for its infrastructures and its service of ‘ bicing ‘. For example, you can turn the entire city around the sea and Diagonal in just an hour.

The bike allows you to quickly move between different points and enjoy each one of its corners and curiosities; is a city that requires you to have your eyes open as in any corner, on rooftops or in the walls, many artists find a support for their works. The good climate helps to this because the greater part of the year, you can enjoy a nice time.

It can be said that Barcelona mixes the best of the north and the best of the south, since being a privilegedly rich European city, it enjoys an activity and a festive atmosphere and open more Mediterranean than Nordic. This symbiosis is also noticeable in the palate: of the recognized and laureate Spanish flavors, Catalan is one of the most acclaimed: Catalan gastronomy is a mixture of rustic and avant-garde tastes in its fair measure. Thus, the dishes absorb the good product of the Pyrenees and the balance of the Mediterranean diet.

Catalan chefs are considered globally to be the most creative and innovative. The revolution of Spanish gastronomy started in the Basque Country had its continuation and purification in Catalonia. Fidelity to the Catalan roots in the treatment of food and its preparation with new techniques and instruments is noteworthy. In Barcelona, in addition to the numerous restaurants, the Market of the Boquería is a good representative of this gastronomy so to the last one but so respectful with the origins.

But the food does not settle in excellent way until the Barcelona night is lived. It should be taken into account that the party works according to neighborhoods; For example, it is more cosmopolitan the area of Maremagnum and is more ‘ Catalan ‘ the nightlife of the district of Gràcia. What is clear is that music is something that comes in the soul to Barcelona and But, you ask Joan Manuel Serrat, ‘ El noi de Poble Sec ‘, one of the many talents born of this land of multicultural spirit.