At the foot of the North Sea, in a green and practically two-dimensional expanse, frequented by rain, we find ourselves in Holland. With one of the highest population densities in the continent, it is an open minded country, healthy heart and pockets accustomed to carrying clear accounts, with Calvinist neatness. By something, also known as the Netherlands, the Netherlands is several meters below sea level. This fact has marked to fire his personality: tenacious and enterprising, realized that it had to gain ground to water to make to itself and to survive.

And learned soon the lesson, as seen in the first Polders, or dikes, that the country built in a display of engineering, in the 17th century. It was then, after achieving the independence of the Spanish crown, when the country experienced a golden age of trade, to the Dutch East Indies Company. The direct inheritance can be found in the immense port of Rotterdam, the largest in Europe. Or strolling through the streets of Amsterdam, under the extraordinary wealth of the facades of the bourgeoisie of the century of gold, and whose heritage also extends to the artistic field of the hand of painters such as Vermeer and Rembrandt.

Plain, and well communicated, Netherlands seems mapped to be travelled by bicycle, vehicle par excellence of this homeland of eco-friendly, and many other causes liberals. There is no more to wander around by the red light district of any of its cities, or engage in any of their famous coffee shops, but even so, there is still more to learn in the country of tulips and the wooden clogs: in each village will find stops picturesque with those that enjoy a good cheese and the hospitality of the residents.

And the same will happen in small towns like Utrecht, Delft, or in the administrative capital of the country, The Hague. Not in vain, Holland is a country that is extremely friendly and civic. Open and hospitable, as good firstborn of world capitalism, accustomed to make fortune with the trade, without paying attention to the nationality of the currency. Therefore, do not worry if the Dutch you think a language of guturalidad deterrent: in the Netherlands around the world speaks english more than correct, in line with the pragmatism that characterizes them. And with the desire to build ties.