Right there, nailed to the heat of the Mediterranean, where you see people smiling and enjoying life. There are the Balearic Islands. Their names come from dash, as if leaving a whiteboard school: Ibiza, Majorca, Minorca, Cabrera and Formentera. Otherwise, it is easy to recognize them: small houses of white lime fighting to preserve a chink of shade, isolated coves without much ado noise that the waves, pareos arched by the wind. Difficult to get tired of a life like that.

But not only of peace lives the spirit. And that know much Ibiza and Mallorca. Collection of insomes and workers of profession: from terraces chill out where to enjoy cocktails of color ignition to the health of that invites, in disco halls crowded every night by people throughout the world, some arrived to leave at dawn in a private jet. All to spend an evening with the best djs in the world. And the next day, you know: more than one ojera accused under sunglasses inoperative. While the cuños of the best discos poke through the manga, recalling, who has to remember, which made the previous night: Pacha, Space, insomnia, Titos. Who gives more?

But there still remains. Because the Balearic Islands also saved a remarkable cultural heritage, product of its troubled history, always at the mercy of the comings and goings of peoples merchant ships, as the Carthaginians, Rome and the Kingdom of Aragon. This is confirmed by the gothic cathedral of Mallorca and the Citadel of Mahon. And from there to friendly villages, like Soller, whose inhabitants speak with accent closed, preserving with pride their mediterranean traditions. As the secret of the best sobrasada and the time of microwave just required by the perfect ensaimada.

Yachts and glamour with record of affiliation to the chic, festivals of Punta blank and peaks pardos, vespas looking for hidden beaches, backpacks to shoulder and dresses well short. Where languages throughout the world and the best restaurants overlooking the sea. Majorca and Ibiza, with pass VIP. Minorca and Formentera, calmer. They all look to the Mediterranean and thank him. And this one returns them the greeting and the desire of living.